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Wreath of Spume


The edition is restricted to 19 copies

& 5 Artist’s proofs, 2 Poets’ proofs + one IP.


The edition includes

15 sonnets by Gabriel Levin,

& 12 Etchings by Ardyn Halter

a Preface by Stephen Romer


It is possible to order either

a bound book set in a slipcase


Etchings & poems, loose leaf, in a presentation box within a slipcase


The etchings were printed at The Gottesman Etching Centre,

Kibbutz Cabri, Israel.


The poems and texts were printed in letterpress

by Phil Abel, Hand & Eye Letterpress, London.

Type: Baskerville letterpress.

Paper: Somerset 300 gsm


Boxed sets and books were bound by Ido Agassi, Israel.


Wreath of Spume, a corona of sonnets by Gabriel Levin

was published as part of To These Dark Steps  Anvil Press, London, 2012.


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