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Articles on Ardyn Halter  


21st January 1966       Hornsey Journal  (front page) Ardyn, aged nine, gets his pictures exhibited .

24th January 1966: The Evening Standard p.5 I Prodigy

26th January 1966 The Evening News and Start Artist,9,in school as his show opens

28th January 1966: Hornsey Journal  pp32:  Bo painter has got ‘Something of Picasso’.

28th January 1966: Hampstead News: ‘A Nine-year-old prodigy”.

February 11 1966: The Jewish Chronicle  pp.30: Ardyn’s First Art Show

February 1966 The Daily Mail:  “Boy artist’s work goes on show”


December 27th 1968: The Jewish Chronicle pp.20


9th January 1969: The Evening Standard  pp17: The Youngest Ever


28th May 1971: The Hornsey Journal: pp.4 Wider recognition


1983 : Dr Zeev Ivianski : Preface to exhibition at The Ghetto Fighters’ Museum 3 pp.


5th November 1984: Maariv  Rachel Engel; Family Album of the dead.

May 15 1984 Newsview pp29. The Family I Never Knew


29th July 1987: Ma’ariv: Nili Friedlander


8th April 1988 Australian Jewish Times ; Amos Feinstein: Faces of the ones we lost.

November 1988 Hadassah Magazine  Aloma Halter: Worst Case Scenarios


26th January 1989 Ma’ariv : Nili Friedlander: Arboreal Romanticism

30th March 1989: Maariv; Nili Friedlander.  Review.


25th July 1990 Yediot Ahronot: Ruth Yolis.


26th March 1991: Tribune Juive: p.27: Ardyn Halter.

1st November 1991: Jewish Chronicle; Barry Fealdman  Move to a different landscape.

Autumn 1991 Modern Painters  Vol IV.2  David Cohen: Ardyn Halter:  Spotlight.

9th November 1991: The Spectator; Giles Auty;  Ample Figures.


20th November 1992: The Jerusalem Post  Gil Goldfine. Review.(p.23)

7th February 1992: The Jewish Press: p.41: Inspired Judaica Creations.

19th March 1992: The Jerusalem Report p.21

17th April 1992: The Jerusalem Post (Front cover) Pesach supplement.

14th May 1992:  Minneapolis Jewish News

May 1992 Nouvel Art du Français  No.12  pp 28-28

16th October 1992: The Jerusalem Post: City Limits: Carol Novis

16th November 1992: Hadashot : (photo).

7th December 1993 Le Progres :  Ardyn Halter,peintre.


5th August 1994: The Jewish Chronicle: Helen Hill: (+ photo).


3rd March 1995: Intermountain Jewish News: cover photo.

April 1995: Moment Magazine pp.54-57 2 pp. Colour photographs. A.Wohlgelernter: New Horizons for Israeli Artists: Shifting Landscapes


5th May 1996: Maariv: Treasures in Judaica Exhibition.

22nd October 1997: Zomet haSharon: p.71 +photo)

Ariel Magazine 1998 : Art, Landscape and Memory,  Ardyn Halter  pp. 18-26

7th November 1998 The Daily Telegraph Magazine  p.128 (colour, feature)Angela Neustatter Windows on the World.


7th February 1999: The Sunday Times Magazine (colour photos): Fresh Prints.

Kunsthaus Richterswil catalogue Interview:  March 1999:  With Peter Noser, Director of the Museum für Neue Kunste

23rd April 1999 (Switzerland) Höfner Volksblatt Article: Neuen Ausstellungen im Kunsthaus

20th May 1999 The Jerusalem Post; city lights p.6 (full page+ cover photo).


Spring 2002 Printmaking Today  (Vol.11 No1) From The Water’s Edge. p18

Autumn 2002 (number 187) Jewish Quarterly Cover image &  article by Riva Rubin pp.17-19


2005   Witness Aegis Trust, Nottingham, UK pp 401-2

2006 December 1st Jewish Chronicle Kate Saunders  Words wading through water.

2006  September 14th  H&H (United Kingdom)  Pete Law: A Full Season of Poetry to Come.

2010 (Denmark) Goldberg Magasin om jodisk kunst kultur pp. 26-29 (images + article).


2011 Sharman Kadish The Synagogues of Britain and Ireland  pp. 275-276.

2011 (Chile) La Palabra: Sonja Friedmann : Las pinturas, esculturas y vitrales de Ardyn Halter


2014 The Journal of Stained Glass , London. pp 65-66  Feature article by Caroline Swash.


2015 November 16th  Haaretz (Galeria)  Shani Litman. Hebrew and English editions: Painting Hidden Threat

2015 The Open Museum, Tefen.

Book on Prints with essays by Ruthi Ofek, museum director & by Ronit Sorek, Curator of Prints at The Israel Museum

Book on Paints Series Concordance with essays by: Hillel Halkin (author); Ruthi Ofek, museum director; Fergal Keane, BBC TV correspondent and independent film-maker; Sharon Katz (Canada) film-maker; Prof. Charles Melville (Cambridge University); Dr. Sussan Babaie (The Courtauld Institute, London); Gabriel Maanit (former director of The Wilfrid Israel Museum, Israel); David Cohen (New York) art historian and head of ArtCritical); Thomas Hughes (The Courtauld Institute, london); Yaniv Shapira (Director of the Museum of Art, Ein Harod, Israel) & a poem by Gabriel Levin (Jerusalem) composed about 4 of the paintings from the series.

2016 July  Laisha   : Zivka Burg


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