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Born in 1956, London.


Selected Exhibitions


1965 & 1968    Haringey Gallery, London

1983                Museum of Art, Ein Harod; Ghetto Fighters’ Museum, Israel (Catalogue)

1992,               (with Lucian Freud)  Horace Richter Gallery, Israel

1991                Collège des Jésuits, Nîmes, France

1993                Conseil Regional [Regional Museum], Montpellier, France

                        Centre Languedoc-Rousillon, Barcelona;   Bourg-en-Bresse, France

1999                Kunsthaus Richterswill, Museum für Neue Kunst   (Catalogue)

                        The Redfern Gallery, London

2001                Municipal Museum ‘La Fortezza’, Montalcino, Italy

2005                The British Library, London.

2006                The Redfern Gallery, London

2009-2010       Exhibition of The Family I Never Knew: San Diego;

                        Penn. State University; Charlotte North Carolina.

2015                February-June. Exhibit at The Bundeswehr Museum, Dresden, Germany.

2015-16           The Open Museum, Tefen, Israel.

2016-17           The Open Museum, Omer, Israel.

                        (Books: 1. Ardyn Halter Oil Paintings; 2. Ardyn Halter Prints.)





1986-1992       Yad LaYeled, The Ghetto Fighters’ Museum, Israel (with Roman Halter).

2002                St Johns Wood Synagogue Beit Midrash, London.  Tree of Life.

2003-4             The Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, Rwanda.

                        Descent to Genocide; The Way Forward.

2006                Alyth Gardens Time windows, London.



Collections (selected)

The Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The British Library, London

The New York Public Library

The National Library of Ireland, Dublin

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

The Open Museum, Tefen, Israel

Polin – The Jewish Museum, Warsaw, Poland.







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